Best current gen games are ???

    • why did you say tough one ? too much choice or too little ?

      For me, I'm disappointed in current gen, only because they don't seem to be making the games in the genres that I personally like the most. If you like FPS shooter, 3rd person open world, driving or sports games, you'll be well happy.

      Me though I like 3rd person linear adventure games, ( tomb raider and uncharted have me covered here though ) and hack and slash and spy stealth games like splinter cell. Theres hardly been any hack and slash and fuck all splintercell type games so I feel disappointed personally. Really disappointed in the lack of decent and new hack and slash games. DMC remastered is still the best current game but sad state of affairs if a remaster is the best I can play of that type at the moment 4 years into the consoles life cycle! I have high hopes for God of War coming soon..

      However my must play games I think are superb are

      Horizon Zero Dawn
      Odin Sphere Leifhanseur
      Ori and the Blind Forest
      Forza Horizon 2 and 3
      Rocket League
      Uncharted 4 / Tomb Raider remaster and the new one
      Shadow of Mordor
      Moto GP series for racing both on and offline
      Titanfall 1 I still think is the best new IP fps
      Battlefield 1 best FPS altogether though
    • oh yeah rocket league, not sure what id classify that as a genre lol

      Loads of good games,
      Classics? not sure there are many but i dont think we will see many classics ever again, its not the evolved gaming we are experiencing.
      Its sequal after sequal with some strange IP's and some good but few new standout ones.
      With such variety in ID, AAA and everything inbetween there is so much choice it is hard to find standout games.

      I still feel standout games come from the number of people you play with and how much you play.

      I.E i could say destiny was in this list but didn't because so many didnt like it but me and a group put hundreds of hours into it, so does this make it a classic game?
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