Xbox X thoughts

    • Xbox X thoughts

      So ive been saving for the X for a while now and have a PS4 Pro and 4 K tv. I still have my day one Xbox 1 running too.

      Have to say although the visuals are better on the pro over the xb1 its marginal at best. The 4k tv is superb but the thing that really makes the games look great, even last gen consoles games, is the HDR.
      Soo, have to say i'm struggling to find a reason to justify getting xbox x other than "just because" and also feel if my xbox1 died, and xbox 1 S for just £200 would be more tempting. Point is, we mentioned this when the S came out, about what was the point. If it wasn't there then yep i'd probably go X, but as someone who has the 4kk tv, and can compare what you see on your TV's to a normal xbox1, it's not THAT much better. I barely noticed a jump up from the ps4 to PS4 pro.

      The other side of this is, whats the point of all this power with no game to play on it. I very much doubt anyone who buys F7 now and then gets a X will notice that much difference.

      What do you guys feel. I know dave has pre ordered an X though!
    • The upgrade to a Xbox one S does like the S PS4 Pro provide a better visual experience, I dont think till EGX this year we will be able to truly tell the difference.
      I have pre ordered one well 2 actually just in case i have the money for it.

      Im likie you not convinced but waiting to be turned by playing the new games on it
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    • The upgrade from PS4 to PS4 pro, frankly was/is marginal at best. It is noticeable, but only slightly if you stop to take the time to look closely, and frankly once you have gone wow, five minutes later you don't notice. I expect the same will be from Xb1 to Xb1X for you lot.

      For me I think i'd only recommend upgrading to X if you have the spare cash and don't mind, or your current xb1 fails for whatever reason. If my Xb1 failed right now, though, knowing what I do about ps4 to ps4 pro, i'd probably get xb1s instead of waiting for X I have to say.