4k gaming.... HELP!!!!!

    • 4k gaming.... HELP!!!!!

      I'm SOOOOOO confused as to what the right thing to do is!!!!

      So i currently have an Xbox1 day one console and PS4 hooked up to my Samsung 1080p tv.

      With all the talk of 4k i want to find out more but the more i dig into it the more muddled the waters get as to what is the best thing to buy.

      First up is i keep seeing that unless you have a TV 50 inches or bigger, you won't notice 4k anyway. Also that your Tv needs to have HDR10 ( High dynamic range for the colours ie black blacks and white whites ) for the screen to really pop!

      I however am moving soon so want to change my gaming set up to a monitor at a desk. There are 4k monitors but none of them have HDR and of course all monitors are smaller than 50 inches at around 28 inches. The advantage of a monitor though is that although they don't have HDR they have more features that smooth the picture out.

      If i get a monitor i need to go for an IPS range one ( don't know what that means ) as the others are for twitch gaming whereas the IPS are all about improving colour.

      Even if i get a 4k tv or monitor, the PS4 doesn't support every game in 4k, and the Xbox X will.

      Add to this, tbh i haven't REALLY been impressed by any 4k tv's pictures in the stores, so am i really missing out on 4k at all anyway!!!

      Here's two videos that i found really helpful

      So .... do i wait to buy a PS4 pro XBox X and 4K monitor, or is now the time to start getting into it ?

      For me, there simply isn't a 4K HDR gaming monitor around yet, but for me smooth gameplay at 60fps looks nicer than graphical fidelity, so do the current monitors do that and they will only get better when the Xbox X and Ps4 pro get more common???

      Help What do i do and what have been your experiences of 4k gaming ????
    • Ill start with 4k HDR gaming monitors do exist here are a copuple to start you off

      Seem to be in the high hundreds though so it depends on how much you want to pay for a monitor, xbox one x and anything else you might need.

      60fps isnt a issue for just about any monitor of a reasonable quality and 4k monitors a from what I have read pretty much handle this no issues same and TV screens.

      Its like everything on a scale, if you display 4k on a 24 inch screen everything is tighter together, if you display 4k on a 44 inch screen by definition the pixels are twice as far apart now so it will certainly be more noticeable on larger screens than smaller ones.
      It will sharpen up and run smoother for everything played o it.

      Personally its down to budget, little point in buying a really cheap monitor or screen only for it to look good but not great.
      Go mid to high end and ensure a quality experience for years to come.
      add the xbox one x cost at £450 and you are probably looking at around £1250-£1500 for a good setup that will guarantee a great experience
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    • Great feedback chief. See what you put is what's on my mind. At the end of the day is 4k gaming with 60fps on most games worth the £1200 price tag it's going to cost? Is the visual upgrade THAT much better ie £1200 better? It seems like an awfully big amount to me.

      Its hard to put a price on this i know, just money is becoming tight for me and i'm saving up for this now ( currently have £740 ) set aside and just don't know what the right thing to do is. Might just come down to just taking the plunge and hope to be impressed... sigh :(
    • Pretty much thinking about this also recently, my day one Xbox one's disk drive is starting to fail as some games take a few attempts at loading in which theres a grinding noise and then a crunch and then it loads up, this has been happening for a few months now so started saving up for the Xbox one X.
      But watching E3 and looking at the specs I'm starting to waver a bit.
      My current set up is my Xbox one 500gb with a 1tb hard drive attached (which takes an age to transfer to)connected to a HD 43 inch plasma screen, so buying the Xbox one X wouldn't be that much different on my current television.
      With over £550 saved up I am now thinking about purchasing a 4k TV along with an Xbox one S instead of waiting for the X.
    • Hmm plasma, you could save a small fortune moving to led on electrics
      Id switch out the tv first but make sure you get a HDR 4k

      Then your ready to upgrade the xbox as and when your ready.

      Im not saying the upgrade inst worth it, just putting scenarios into perspective where money and screen size is an issue.

      If i have the cash im upgrading for sure, if not im not going to stress as ive got the s and its only 2 months old
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    • True, more will launch with Xbox One X though and tech is always coming down in price then new tech released so as long as it deals with the basics, HDR and 4K your safe enough to enjoy the benefits form now on other stuff as well. Just depends on peoples preferences really with other gear and services
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    • Well i'm in the 4k camp now!

      Bought a PS4 Pro and a Samsung 4k HDR tv. The HDR makes things look fab!

      Impressions. You can definately see the difference. Rocket league for example looks SOOOOOO smooth and much much better. Like said above not all games are 4k enhanced but the ones that are look fab.

      Hard to say if it's worth the money, but like strike said in a lobby the other night, if you spend £1000 on console and tv, no doubt you'll get 1000 hours out of them and £1 per hour is pretty good deal for me.