Quantum Break Review

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    • Quantum Break Review

      Game: Quantum Break
      Developer:Remedy Entertainment
      Publisher:Microsoft Studios
      Release date:05/04/2016
      Genre: Action & Adventure
      Size:45.72 GB + 75.61 GB
      Game supplied by: Xbox

      It's all about time, yes Quantum Break is all about time and ironically the game took its time to be released. So has it been worth the wait?

      Quantum break is a single player game with an enthralling story to be told, the world has become fractured when a time experiment goes wrong and time anomalies start appearing throughout the game which spirals out of control with devastating results.

      Without giving too much away the game introduces you to almost life like characters as you take on the role of hero Jack Joyce who uses his powers to help fight Monarch a company who wants to use the technology for their own purposes, plus he must fight to defeat his Nemesis Paul Serene who his hell bent on controlling his power.

      The Ingame graphics are the most stunning I have seen to date with detailed environments and amazing lighting effects really bring the world of Quantum Break alive with each environment as stunning as the next, where the game comes into its own is the time anomalies and how it affects the gameplay environment as you move through them you see detailed levels of destruction which are frozen during time fractures were you experience debris floating around the levels which can be manipulated and used to get through the levels.

      Quantum Break doesn't just offer stunning graphics but has the sound to boot with crystal clear sound effects of gunfire to the echo your footsteps you make when moving through levels such as underground car parks.

      Quantum Break is set over 5 acts of beautifully scripted storytelling not just within the game itself but the live action segments after each act which is good enough to have its own TV series with actors such as Shawn Ashmore, Aidan Gillen and Dominic Monaghan.

      The gameplay of Quantum Break allows as much freedom as possible with plenty of redundant areas to explore to find the hidden collectables , but it's the decision making moments in the game which mould the story to various outcomes, this for me is one of the defining features that make Quantum Break an outstanding game.

      Throughout the game you will gain powers to help overcome obstacles and enemies, these powers range from Time vision to help see unseen enemies or time stop which freezes enemies and many more which can be upgraded to give longer lasting effects. In addition to these powers there is a sufficient about of weaponry that can be used from SMG’s, Assault rifles to pistols to shoot enemies while your powers are recharging.


      Quantum Break is a beautiful and stunning game with an enriching story which is overall a bit short but there is still some replay value with collectables plus the various decision making choices which change the final outcome of the game is worth exploring and playing it through a couple of times.

      For me it was a bit short and not that I came across any issues there was one or two moments were my character seemed to get stuck in the environments but nothing that spoiled the overall game.


      stunning visuals
      Great sounds
      Decision affect outcome of story
      Great story
      Amazing movie like cutscenes
      Upgradeable powers
      Good choice of weaponry


      Story is a little short
      There are a few glitches