Gunscape Review

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    • Gunscape Review

      “Gunscape” GAME DETAILS
      Developer:Blowfish Studios
      Publisher:Blowfish Studios
      Release date: 02/03/2016
      Type/genre: Shooter
      Advised price: £15.99
      No spoilers Included in this review
      App: NO
      Game supplied by: Xbox

      Gunscape is an FPS world-building hybrid in which gamers create, share and enjoy their own maps; in addition players can discover and play maps created by others. Inspired by classic shooters, Gunscape takes all their most memorable elements and puts them in a toolkit to create single player and co-op campaigns or multiplayer arenas.

      Gunscape really takes you back to the classic era of games such as doom, yes it may be pixelated but it does have that nostalgic quality of bringing those memories of your childhood gaming back to you.

      Gunscape isn't just a nostalgic shooter it brings elements of games like Minecraft into the fold where you can build and create levels by yourself or go online with others. There is plenty of choice with co op gameplay or going it solo but either way the movement is fast and smooth.

      However there may be some issues with some frame rate when attacking enemies or shooting enemies were you seem to have the aiming abilities of a drunk stormtrooper, yes some weapons are a little more accurate than others and it all comes down to the art of dodging.

      The ingame weapons boast a huge arsenal from freeze rays to bazookas but there are some really wacky ones which make no sense at all, but are funny, what I mean is the spear in one hand and the chicken in the other had me stumped for a while but not to worry, there are always plenty of weapons jotted around to use as you please, but don't worry if you ever do run out of ammo you will have your good old fists to bring the pain.

      Your enemies come from little sweet girls who will knife you in the back if not careful but you get anything from aliens to what looks like German soldiers, but these are the minions as from time to time you will come against a big boss ranging from a mech warrior to a T-Rex, yes if variety is the spice of life this game had bucket loads of it.

      Gunscape is split into 3 sections, the first is Discover which covers the core part of the game from campaign, a lot of community content in the form of maps created for shooting or for building.

      The build section is self explanatory where you can build and design levels by yourself or with others, this is probably the closest to Minecraft without buying it and probably the most time consuming to build those masterpieces in all there glory.

      The final section is Shoot which is basically a multiplayer mode where you can jump into various maps from the campaign and go coop, Free for all or team based and shoot it out for victory.


      Gunscape is a nice little shooter combining elements of a shooter with a creative side similar to elements of Minecraft, it mainly is Multiplayer based game with a decent community to back it up.

      For me Gunscape bought back those childhood memories of playing games such as doom and Quake for the shooting aspect of the game, but wasn't really excited with the building aspect of the game.

      Score: 7.5/10


      Nostalgic gaming at its best
      Very Creative
      Fast and smooth gameplay
      Great Community


      Mainly Multiplayer gameplay
      Building is time consuming
      Weapon accuracy is a bit shoddy